Jolly Lad **2018 Expanded Edition**

Jolly Lad **2018 Expanded Edition**

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Jolly Lad **2018 Expanded Edition** £14.99


Jolly Lad **2018 Expanded Edition**

Jolly Lad
John Doran

Back in print due to popular demand, now with an extra chapter documenting John's 2015 'An English Trip' reading tour of the UK.

“Doran thinks he’s Oliver fucking Cromwell… He’s a lunatic.”
Mark E Smith

“Makes Withnail & I look like Little House On The Prairie.”
Caitlin Moran

“This addiction memoir is as compelling as it is poetic… Doran weaves a story of deeply observed and brilliantly conveyed self-doubting reflection.”
Martin James - Times Higher Education

“The work of a real writer propelled by that most vital of properties, self-doubt. John Doran has confected a book that is a hoot: a cheerful, balanced, beautifully wrought, un-self-pitying and weirdly objective study of himself and his multiple addictions.”
Jonathan Meades

A memoir about the recovery from alcoholism, habitual drug use and mental illness. It is also about the healing power of music, how memory defines us, the redemption offered by fatherhood and what it means to be working class.

We'll be including CDs of the soundtrack to the book with orders of the new edition while stocks last.

Featuring Nicky Wire (Manic Street Preachers) / Abi & Neil (British Sea Power) / Eccentronic Research Council / Teeth Of The Sea / English Heretic / Grumbling Fur / Mark Dicker / GNOD / Bronze Teeth.