20 original unpublished works, each offered as a uniquely framed collectors item and presented with a signed copy of the Limited Edition hardbound Liberty Realm, by Cathy Ward

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The works were specifically chosen for this collectors edition and reflect a range of themes that are seen within the book.
Predominately they were created in 2020 and none have ever been exhibited in the UK.

All works will be framed by the artist using hand-selected antique frames collected by her over many years. The framing is an integral part of the work. As the framing progresses this page will be updated to show the specific frame. Please do reserve your desired drawing first to ensure you get the image you want.

Any specific questions about these works can be directed to the artist at wardsister@gmail.com 

To order please contact the publisher quoting your first two choices of artwork: contactee@strangeattractor.co.uk